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Freezing Rain

*Ice from freezing rain can accumulate on branches, power lines and homes. If you must go outside after an ice storm, pay attention to branches or wires that could break.

*Remember that branches and power lines can break up to several hours after an ice storm.

*Never touch power line could be charged (live) and you could get electrocuted.

*Avoid driving. Even a small amount of freezing rain can make roads extremely slippery. Wait several hours after freezing rain ends so that road maintenance crews have enough time to spread sand or salt on icy roads.

*If it is safe to do so, clear your surrounding property for the ice and snow, and sand or salt the ground.

*Check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours.

*Freezing rain and strong winds increase the chances for hypothermia, so dress accordingly

*Have emergency safety kit and enough food/water ready all the time

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